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1.1 I do not have a Paypal account, how may I complete an online purchase?

Our website uses the Paypal platform to process all online transactions. This system does not require a Paypal account and enables you to use a debit or credit card if you wish to. All you need is to follow the instructions for your chosen method of payment. All transactions are secure and all of your personal info remains 100% confidential.


1.2 My payment will not go through, what's wrong?

The most common factor which may cause payment to be declined is if you entered a billing address that does not match the one in your Paypal, debit or credit card account. For security concerns, the billing address you provide should always be the exact same as the one associated with your card. The shipping address may be different, for example if you wish to have an order delivered to your workplace or a temporary address of residence.




2.1 When I buy online, what are my shipping options?

  • In-store pick-up (possible on the same day as the order)
  • Parcel delivery


2.2 Is it possible to place an order outside of Canada?

Unfortunately no, we only deliver to Canada.




3.1 What is the return policy on online shopping?

Kindly send us an email:

  • If you have changed your mind about your choice or have not been careful about the size selected, you will be responsible for returning the product at your expense and paying for the shipment of the article in exchange also.
  • If by mistake we send you the wrong product or the wrong size, we will gladly cover the cost of return.


3.1 I bought a product in a wrong size, what are my options?

If you buy one of our products in the wrong size, we can reimburse you or exchange it for a new size if the stock is available, but all the shipping costs will be your responsibility.

Contact us by email: [email protected]

We can also give you a credit note, available in store.